One Hundred-Sixty-Three

There is no way that Morpheus would even think of allowing me to take and claim another mate, he didn't like what I had done with Vivian in that meeting with those Alphas but I knew some of them had sex and slave camps within their territories and I had to keep up my appearance of caring but not caring or they would shut them down and move them. Using what I used to have with Vivian, other than the sex, which, to her disappointment, I never did. It was the best way to get extra information out of them.

I can't hold Morpheus back as he stops running, takes over completely and talks to Yasmine,



"Nothing... And I mean NOTHING!! Will ever make me replace you... And Yasmine... Here's a secret for you. Zachariah can't replace you without my agreement and he will never get that..."

I don't miss the sigh of relief she sends down the mate bond at Morpheus's little insight into how the mate bond works for us. I could have chosen whoever I wanted, but in the end, it was
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Derena Marie
Still loving it. ...️
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Vanessa Durward
thank you I am glad you are enjoying it.
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Alysha Alvarez
this book is fantastic. I need all the chapters ASAP I cant stop reading and I'm so anxious for the next chapters!!! I need to buy this for my collection

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