One Hundred-Sixty-Four

I didn’t feel any pain come through the bond, so I wondered what she has done as I ask,

"What's wrong?"

"I just felt our pup, and it has one hell of a kick on it... Wait, I shouldn't be able to feel it yet... Should I Zachariah?"

I smile that it is just our pup, we still haven’t been able to talk much about it. I don't even know if she really wants it, as the first and last time a pregnancy came up, she looked horrified at me as if she didn't want one, but then she was still human and was still trying to work out what I was to her, even after giving herself to me.

I really want to know if she actually wants this pup, especially now that I have finally accepted it as mine. However, instead of asking her what I want her to answer, I ask instead,

"I gather they have done a check on you?"

"Yes, but under protest..."

"I wouldn't have expected anything less..." I let a chuckle travel through the link. She never does anything without protest, unless, of course, she wants to do it.

"Now, did
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Vanessa Durward
it's still not finished...
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Lorrie Mars
Walt to know what happens the ending of this book is not right

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