One Hundred-Sixty-Five

Once there is no one left at the border other than the patrol, I turn and follow, heading back to the packhouse. Once inside, I meet up with Raphael and Zaire. I don't say anything to them as they fall into step behind me and I head into Isaac's office. I move and lean against Isaac's desk, facing them as I say,

"Raphael, Alpha Arlo's pack, did you send in the raid team?"

"Yes, the raid went like clockwork the morning of the full moon."

"Zaire, was the boundary and border patrols extended from Jasper’s LightMoon territory into Paradise Moon territory?"

"Yes, we put extra patrols on as Jude had to order the extension for the security system."

"Has anyone checked on the pack members there since the raid on LightMoon?"

I watch as Raphael and Zaire look at each other with a little worry on their faces now. They look back at me and then lower their heads. Raphael is the one to speak.

"Sorry Alpha, the follow-up must have slipped through the cracks..."

I growl low at his words but no
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