One Hundred-Sixty-Eight

I watch as Zaire and a warrior make their way around the room; I am surprised as every now and then they would throw a small device on the desk. Once they were finished, Zaire counted them up and said through the link,

“This truly is overkill. There are 25 listening devices here.”

“Is there a way to track where the signal is being sent?”

“Yeah, but it may take a while. I will need to take one back to our pack…”

I snap my eyes at him and give him a hard stare. He smiles,

“I am not stupid Alpha, I wouldn’t transport it to our pack without taking the proper precautions. I will make sure the others are all deactivated and then jam the signal to them so that they can’t turn them back on remotely.”

“Good. Check the other rooms and I want each room rechecked before any meetings are to take place. Once they know these are not working, they will want to replace them. Maybe you should install one of our own, but one with a camera so we can catch the traitor.”

“I will deal with these,

Greeting my readers, I apologise for the late restart to my updates on this story, but I have been run off of my feet since returning home and haven't had a chance to sit down for more then a few minutes at a time. I did however manage to write a few chapters while I was away and I will upload them over the coming days. Thank you everyone for your understand and patience.

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Sarah Logan
waiting is easy and hard because the storyline is fantastic!..keep up the good work!

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