One Hundred-Sixty-Nine

“Ha!!! The Moon Goddess abandoned me when she allowed that warrior to kill my mate… Now I understand that you have finally found yours… Where is she? Hiding in one of those pathetic bunkers?”

“My mate wouldn’t hide and she would kick my arse if I tried to make her…”

“So you finally found your match, then?”

“Yes, I did… Now, why are you attacking?”

“We heard that this pack was harbouring the last descendant of the Royal shifters…”

“And where did you hear that?”

“Everyone is talking about her… Saying that the one that possesses her can rule over all the supernatural world.”

“And you want to take her for yourself?”

“I wouldn’t mind ruling the world, but no, not for myself…”

“Then who?”

He chuckles again, “Maybe you should look a little closer to home for the answer to that…”

Could it be? Could his hatred of her just be an act? Did he set up the raid? I look at him and say,

“You won’t find her in that pack…”

“Why not?”

“Because she is not there…” I smirk, “If she was anywhere
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Derena Marie
Thank you for the 2 amazing updates.. this was missed ...

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