One Hundred-Seventy

“I have been kicking myself lately. I should have listened to you ages ago… and maybe we would still have her with us…”

“Zach, I don’t really think it would have mattered if we left earlier or not. I believe that whoever was behind those attacks would have done them, anyway.”

“Yasmine was blaming herself. She said they put a tracker in her shoulder and she was the one that lead them to our packs…”

“My point…” He holds up his hands in surrender as he continues, “No I am not saying it is her fault, but if she has a tracker in her that those human Hunters used to find her then they would have found her anyway and would have probably found a lot more packs as well as our own… The question is why they attacked so soon after leaving King Malik’s territory. If they had waited longer, they would have had the locations of more packs.”

“I'm not sure. The

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goodnovel comment avatar
how many more chapters til we find out what happens to his mate and son???
goodnovel comment avatar
in this part she still hasn't had their son yet.
goodnovel comment avatar
Derena Marie
will he rescue her and her son soon?

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