One Hundred-Seventy-Two

I then make my way back into the hut and over to the first young female still hanging connected to the wall. She flinches as I reach up my hand. I stop and whisper,

“I am not going to hurt you. I am going to get you down, okay? Do you know where the key is?”

She nods her head with tears sliding down her cheeks and barely whispers,

“Top drawer, over by the door.”

I step back and move over to the drawer, open it and have to suppress the growl that wants to escape once more than I see what is in the drawer beside the keys to the cuffs holding the pups to the wall. I reach in and pick up the keys, and wonder if the Alpha knew exactly what his warriors were doing to these slaves as punishments or maybe even just for their fun, but then from the extra scent, maybe he does and watches before joining...

I then move back over to stand in front of the first pup and reach up again. She jumps a little as my fingers touch the skin

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