One Hundred-Seventy-Three

I let out a loud whistle and wait for everyone to look in my direction and pay attention. I then say,

Attention… We have warriors incoming. Now I want all members of the camp to start their way back to BlackLight. You will have 50 warriors escorting you on your return. Dustin, keep a close eye on the injured…”

I look at the sky and then take a deep breath before continuing, “You will have about a 2-hour head start if any of the warriors get past me.”

Dustin nods, acknowledging my request. I then continue again, “Gather anything that you feel is personal and essential you need to take with you, otherwise leave everything it will be replaced either at BlackLight or at LightMoon. You move out in 10.”

I look around at the warriors, “Choose who is staying and who is going. At least 50 are to escort them. The rest stay with me.”

“Yes, Alpha.”

I then l

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