One Hundred-Seventy-Four

By the time I had made it to the back of the group and the last high-ranking officer in front of me, I had killed at least half of them, including Gamma Thomas. I make my way back to the front of the group and face Beta Jack and Delta Jaxon as I say,

“There are going to be more changes within this pack, starting right now. Jack, take me to the Alpha’s office and pull out all the files concerning the pack and territory. Jaxon, everyone here is to report to the training field in an hour.”

“Yes, Alpha.”

I let out a whistle and within a moment, the rest of my warriors walk out of the trees and into the pack yard. I look at Delta Jaxon again and say,

“These are my males and they will oversee everything that is done until I join you in the training field but be warned if I get one report of someone not doing as they are told, then the whole will be punished. Understood?”

“Yes, Alpha.”

I then make my way into the packhouse once more with Beta

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