One Hundred-Seventy-Five

Maybe Jade is right, even though I don’t want to yet. Once I get confirmation that he is at least one of the ones behind all these attacks, including the one that took both Rania and Yasmine, I will be taking his position and then the kingdom will not know what hit it.

I look at the clock on the desk and sigh. However, just as I get to my feet, there is a slight knock on the door. I look up and see Beta Jack. I nod and he enters carrying a pile of folders. He goes to hand them to me, but I shake my head and say,

“Place them on the desk. I will look at them later. For now, you will need to follow me down to the training field. We will be spending the rest of the day there.”

He nods, walks over to the desk, and places the folders down. He then turns back around and falls into step next to me as I then head downstairs and out of the packhouse. Just as I get to the training field, Zaire and Farris join me. I turn to Zaire,

“Any trouble?”

“Nope, as

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When are you going to write about finding Yasmine?

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