One Hundred-Seventy-Six

Once morning hits I go down to the training field and oversee Jefferson with the start of the training program, Raphael was right he was the best choice other than having Raphael or Zaire or even myself do it, and at the moment the three of us just don’t have time. I also go over the rest of the files on the pack while keeping an eye on Jack and Jaxon.

I get everything that I need to for now done within the 24 hours that I told Jack I would be here. Jack actually surprises me by having a big feast prepared for the entire pack. They decked out the backyard along with the main dining hall. Just as we sit down at the main table within the dining hall for dinner, he stands and says,

“Attention… Everyone…”

He waits for the gathering of pack members to quieten before he then continues,

“First of all, welcome to the new look of our pack and in saying that I would like to take this opportunity to say 'Thank You!' To Alpha Zachariah for finally freeing us from

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goodnovel comment avatar
thanks, it's good to actually hear that someone likes his pov.
goodnovel comment avatar
love reading abt Zachariah part while Yasmine is stolen away
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Katherine Sims
I want him to find Jasmine already, no offense.

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