One Hundred-Seventy-Seven

The last warrior drops to the ground just as Jefferson and my warriors get to the small clearing. Morpheus shifts, and I face them.

“We have 13 young pups here, both male and female. They need to be taken back to the packhouse, treated by the healer, and then fed.”

“Yes, Alpha.”

I turn around and walk into the second tent first and then over to the female pup lying on the bed. As I reach for her wrists, she flinches and struggles, only this causes her to whimper, no doubt in pain. I ignore her reaction and undo all her bindings; I slide my arms underneath her and pick her up and pull her in close. I then carry her out of the tent and look around to make sure the others were being taken care of.

I then move around the back of the first tent I entered and over to the bushes, I was actually expecting the two young male pups to be a long way from here but as soon as I got close the older of the two stood up in front of me.

I nod

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