One Hundred-Seventy-Nine

“What’s her name?”

“Ruby. She was only 13…”

“What was she doing going to town on her own at that age?”

“She didn’t. She always went with two warriors, as it is not far and we had never had any problems with rogues before. She would go to town to collect supplies and the information that was sent out via paper for the library.”

I have a feeling that the female Ruby that I pulled from that rogue and pack camp tent is his cousin, but there is no way that they were within that small camp for two years, even with them moving the camp. Ruby was in no condition to travel, but then that could have been the reason why Morpheus came across them.

I will need to talk to Ambrose and see if he is willing to tell me how long they were within the camp and where they came from, to begin with. I don’t tell him that I think I know where she is yet. I just say,

“I don’t know all the names of the ones we rescued, so it may take a little time, but she could be in amongst them.”

His eyes light up at the pro
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Alysha Alvarez
this book is awesome. I like seeing what Zachariah is doing in this time Yasmine isn't there. I also like reading him change into a better man and how he makes their world a better place. I'ma need more than 1 chapter a day. this book is too good!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Okay, I like this book but it's getting too long drawn out and without Yasmine its getting to the point I'm going to stop reading.

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