Two Hundred-Twenty-Seven

I then let out a slight scream of surprise when Zachariah tightens his arms around me and gets to his feet. I let out a whimpered moan as he then carries me up the stairs and into our room, not once letting our bodies separate. He heads straight to our bed, lays me on the edge and stands up straight.

Without removing himself from inside me, he then uses his claws to remove, or should I say shred, my clothes before removing his. He then starts thrusting his hips making small moans escape my lips, he continues this for a while until I can see that he can’t take it anymore and he leans down over me placing a hard, dominant kiss on my lips as he increases his thrusts harder deeper and faster.

I am a little overwhelmed when I feel him let out his Royal Alpha aura and it surrounds me and then seems to soak into my skin where it builds with my pleasure until Zachariah is letting out a loud howl releasing inside me and I scream his name as a wave of power explodes from my body as it shakes,
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