Chapter 3

Earlier that night

A man who was sitting at an extremely dark corner of the club eyebrows knitted together as he watched Clifford approaching a girl that was quietly sipping her cocktail. He knew his type, and he hated men like him the most.

If only the girl knew what type of a man he was. The man thought as he drank from the bottle in his hand.

The man had planned to leave the club five minutes prior to Clifford joining the girl and was about standing up when a guy with curly hair approached her.

And for some unknown reasons, he decided to sit and watch how things turned out for her.

Two hours later, he saw the girl leaving with Clifford, and his subconscious told him to follow them. He dropped his bottle, paid his bill and followed them.

I knew it. He thought as he saw the curly-haired guy and three others following Clifford and the girl without the girl's awareness.

The man walked past the four guys as if he had no idea what was going on.

He wasn't the type that interfered in other people's business, but his subconscious told him to speed up the pace before it's too late.

The man sped up the pace and not long after, he heard a tiny voice of a girl, pleading.

He ran to the corner and saw Clifford rough handling the girl.

Anger coursed through him, and he clenched his fists. He quietly moved towards them, raised the man up in the air by his shirt's collar and flung him.


Lisa watched as the man who approached Clifford slowly pulled him on to his feet and raised a clenched fist in the air.

The fist connected with Clifford's face, and he cried out in pain.

"Why don't you hit me back, coward?" The man said to Clifford, who still had no idea how things turned out this way.

Suddenly, Lisa heard heavy footsteps approaching their corner, and she tilted her head in the direction of the footsteps. Within seconds, four guys showed up, three of which approached her savior while the fourth one approached her.

She began to sidestep to her left side slowly and planned to make a run for it as soon as she had a chance.

Lisa, one! Two! She began counting in her mind with the thought that she was going to run on three.


She turned around but had hardly taken three steps when someone pulled her back by her hair.

"Not so quick, darling" the guy that pulled her back by her hair said.

"Ah. Ah. Ah..." Lisa cried out as her scalp began to hurt.

If I am not too careful, I might lose all my hair. She thought and slowly turned around until she was face-to-face with the guy that was pulling her hair.

"You?" She asked shockingly.

"Yeah. Me " the curly-haired guy that had approached her earlier said.

He released her hair and got hold of her wrist.

"Please..." Lisa began to beg.

The curly hair guy turned deaf ears and began to pull her away from the fight.

Lisa tried to pull her hand out of his, but all her attempt was futile.

"Please let me go," she pleaded.

The guy tightened his hold on her wrist and focused his attention on the fight that was going on in front of them.

When Lisa realized that no matter what she said or did, the guy wouldn't let go of her wrist, she looked forward, at the fight that was going on in front of them, and her jaw dropped down.

Two men were on the floor groaning in pain and the other two men, who included Clifford, were in the air.

The man's hands were wrapped around their necks each, and they began to move their legs in a desperate attempt to free themselves.

The man tightened his hold on their necks, and they began coughing. They put their hands on their necks in order to stop the man from choking them, but it was futile.

After some seconds of fighting for their dear life, the man lifted them higher in the air and flung them like unwanted animals.

Lisa gasped, and the curly-haired man tightened his hold on her more.

The man focused his eyes on the curly-haired guy that was holding the girl's wrist and began to approach them.

Each step he was taking felt like a tickling time bomb which might explode at any second, and four words echoed in her brain.

This man is trouble.

The man made eye contact with her for a micro second before focusing his eyes on the curly hair guy the same way a lion does prey.

The curly-haired guy who had been stepping backward while pulling Lisa along suddenly stopped, brought out a small knife and dropped Lisa's wrist.

He instantly dragged Lisa closer to himself by wrapping his arm around her neck and put his small knife close to her throat.

Lisa had only seen scenes like this in movies and had never for once dreamed that it was going to happen to her.

Lisa, this is it. She thought.

Lisa softly sighed and accepted that anything could happen to her at any second. Her dear life was in the hand of a psychopath who would do anything to save himself.

The curly hair guy kept stepping backward with his arm around her neck and the knife close to her throat.

Suddenly, the curly hair guy hit a wall and had no other option than to face the man.

"Don't fucking come any closer!" The curly hair guy warned as he pressed the knife on her throat.

Lisa's heart began to beat so loud that she was sure that her savior could hear it. She swallowed her saliva and inhaled heavily.

"Don't you dare come closer!"

The man stopped walking with his eyes glued on the curly-haired guy.

It was obvious that the curly-haired guy was terrified of the man standing a few meters away from him because his hand that was holding the knife had begun to shake uncontrollably, but Lisa wasn't ready to do something stupid and lose her life.

"I'm going to reap her throat open if you come any closer!" The curly-haired guy warned.

"Let me see you try" the man said coldly.

Even though the man's words weren't directed at Lisa, she still flinched because of how cold and dangerous those words had sounded, and at some point, she began to pity the curly hair guy because she was sure that being dead might be better than what was about to happen to him.


Within micro seconds, the man was standing in front of them.

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