Chapter 4

Within micro seconds of seeing the man in front of him, the curly-haired guy trailed off and terrifically dropped the knife that was in his hand. Lisa immediately moved away from him and she watched as the man raised his fist in the air and connected it with the curly-haired guy's face.

"I hate cowards like you the most," the man growled as he raised his hand in the air and connected it with his face again.

Something cracked, and the guy cried out in pain.

"Fight me if you can," the man said as he wrapped his hand around his neck, raised him in the air, and flung him away. "Since the second I saw you guys at the club, I knew you were up to no good."

He tilted his head in Lisa's direction and focused his eyes on her.

Lisa became curious about who the mysterious man was and she began to wonder what he looked like because, apart from his heavy masculine figure, and height, Lisa wasn't able to make out any other features.

They were in a dark corner in the middle of the night, and the only light that was beaming on them was the moon.

Lisa's subconscious asked: "Green, black, brown, or blue?" She began to wonder what the color of those eyes that were focusing on her were.

A few seconds later, when one of the guys began to rise, the man abruptly turned his head in the direction of the guy and started approaching.

"Stop!" Lisa shouted.

She hadn't realized that she had said it out loud until she saw the man stop.

Her mouth was slightly open in shock, and she had no idea what to say next, even though she knew that she had to say something.

After a minute of silence, Lisa spoke. "I'm sure they are already regretting their actions now. You don't have to continue... beating them."

An awkward silence reigned between them after that for almost two minutes, with Lisa's subconscious telling her that she had stepped out of her boundary while the man just stood there like a lifeless tree. 

The man slowly turned around, focused his eyes on the girl, and said, "And who are you to order me around?"

Lisa shivered at the resentment and coldness that followed those words. She felt those words deep inside her bones and wrapped her hands around herself.

But even with the fear and the coldness, a part of Lisa wanted to challenge the man. 

Her mouth opened of its own free will and she spoke. "I wasn't trying to..."

She trailed off when she realized that the man she was talking to was no longer where he had been standing earlier.

He was now standing in front of one of the guys who had struggled to get up onto his feet. He clenched his fist and hit him across the face.

The guy hummed out in pain and fell down.

The man unclenched his fist and tilted his head in Lisa's direction and said, "Nobody orders me around."

Lisa swallowed her saliva and nodded her head in understanding.

"Clear?" He asked. 

"Sure, clear," Lisa said as she nodded her head again.

The man turned around and started approaching her.

Lisa released her hands, swallowed her saliva, and her heart began to beat faster than how it had beat when the knife had been placed on her neck some minutes ago.

I think running is a good idea. Her subconscious warned, but a part of Lisa that Lisa had never met until today turned down the warning. That part was eager to meet the man.

Any ordinary girl would have escaped after watching how he had destroyed five supposedly strong men in front of her, but surprisingly, Lisa was still on her legs, waiting for him.

Finally, the man was standing in front of her, and Lisa was eager to know what he looked and smelled like.

She carefully sniffed him in, and the second his scent hit her nostrils, Lisa's subconscious screamed. "Run!"

That stubborn part of Lisa shrugged one of her shoulders and smiled at Lisa's subconscious.

"And what are you supposed to say, girl?" The man who had been staring at her for a few seconds without saying anything finally spoke up.

"Thank you," she mumbled.

"Say it like you mean it," he ordered.

Lisa raised her eyelids and connected her eyes with his in the darkness. She was curious. She really wanted to know who the man in front of her was and how he was able to make her fearful of him without him even raising a finger.

Out of all Lisa's friends, Lisa had always been the strong one and her friends' savior in difficult situations. Even Summer once commended her on the fact that she could kill cockroaches and wall geckos without blinking an eye.

But that strong girl's legs had begun to shake in fear. 

"And the way to your house?" The man asked.

"Sorry? " Lisa asked.

"And the way to your house?" The man said slowly this time around.

"It's over there. You don't need to accompany me. I don't want to owe you more than this, " she said as she pointed at one of the five guys that were still groaning in pain.

The man followed her finger, looked at the helpless man that was on the floor with disgust before turning his head back at Lisa.

"OK," the man said flatly as he began to walk away. 

"Lisa, stop him and ask for his name." Lisa's stubborn part said, while her subconscious warned. "Don't you dare!"

"Guys, don't fight!" Lisa screamed into her head, trying to calm down her angry subconscious and her curious, stubborn part, which wanted to know the man.

"I think it's better this way," she murmured and shrugged. "No strings attached" 

Her subconscious jumped up in joy while her stubborn part turned red instantly. Her stubborn part had always thought Lisa was a strong woman until today, and that part of her was beyond pissed.

She left the groaning guys to their bad luck and started heading home. 

Home sweet home. She thought as her apartment came into view.

She put her purse between her armpits, rubbed her palms together and sighed heavily.

Some minutes ago, she had thought that she would never see her apartment again or her parents or resume her job at Megabiz Inc, but thankfully, a man had shown up from nowhere and saved her.

"And you think you don't need to know his name at least?" Her stubborn part, which had been quiet for a few minutes, said. "You need to know his name."

"Stop!" Lisa screamed, and her voice echoed down the street.

She closed her eyes for a few seconds in order to calm herself down and speak more quietly, "Stop. Just stop it. You are making me go crazy. "

"I'm just telling you the truth," her stubborn part said.

"I'm not going back and that is final," she said, with a tone of finality.

I'm so disappointed in you"

The last thing Lisa wanted was for any part of herself to be disappointed in her. So, she stopped on her track, turned around, and began to run back in the direction of the club. 


About three minutes after she had begun to run, Lisa spotted the man walking slowly towards the club. She came to a halt on her path, her left hand clutching her purse and her right hand akimbo, and yelled. "Hey you, saviour, what is your name?"

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