Chapter 5

Three minutes earlier

As Lisa turned around, her subconscious asked curiously. "What are you doing?" 

"Going back," Lisa replied. 

"Don't!" Her subconscious warned.

"I'm going back, and that is final. I don't want to be a coward. The man only hates cowards".

"Yay!" her stubborn part screamed in triumph.

Lisa's last statement gave her some strength, and she began to run until she felt as if the air would be knocked out of her.

She was doing all this because she wanted to meet the man before he entered the club.

There he is. She thought as she saw him walking slowly towards the club, and with her purse in her left hand and her right hand akimbo, she tried to calm herself down by inhaling a large amount of oxygen for a few seconds before shouting."Hey you, saviour, what is your name?"

The man slowly turned around, his eyes narrowing as he realized the girl he had assumed was now inside her room, trying to sleep, wa
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