Chapter 8

"Don't you remember anything?" The man asked.

Lisa froze, looked into space and began to rack her brain. And after some seconds, she faced Ricardo and replied. "Nothing. I remember nothing."

The man scoffed, put down his leg, and said "You took it off by yourself. You said you were boiling in it."

Lisa's jaw dropped in disbelief, and her eyes became as round as saucers. 

How could she do such a thing? She thought. Because she knew the type of girl she was. She was one of those girls that was ready to stay in one piece of clothing for years if it was going to protect her from men.

Ricardo rose on his feet and began to walk towards a door that Lisa hadn't noticed until now.

"Make sure you're fully dressed before I come back," the man said without looking at her.

He pressed the door handle and was about to open the door when her voice stopped him.

"Please, before you go";

"What?" He replied with his hand still on the door handle and wit
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