Chapter 9

Ricardo's amusing face immediately turned into a cold glare with daggers, and that satisfied Lisa's stubborn part which had been planning to get back at him since last night. 

It jumped up in joy and winked at Lisa's subconscious, which was now in full support of things.

For the first time since last night, Ricardo was caught off guard, and that pleased Lisa.

"It's not my fault," Lisa shrugged. "It's your visitor's," she added.

Her smile became wider, and she licked her bottom lip. She was enjoying every second of this to the fullest.

Ricardo fully turned around and took a step closer to her, with his glacier look chilling her more than the early morning freezing temperature.

"That is not my name," he said.

Lisa faked being surprised, and her mouth formed a huge 'O'. "Ooh... Ooh. It's not your name. "

Her expression changed from surprised to puzzled, and a deep furrow appeared on her forehead.

She hugged herself deeper and said. "Who
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