Chapter 10

He said calmly, "She's not someone you know," and faced the grave. "And she hates stalkers like you." 

Slowly, Lisa moved closer to him, to the grave, and read what was written on it.

"Ellen Swift, we love you"

She tilted her head and looked at the quiet Ricardo who was standing next to her.

His blue eyes, which were fixed on the name that was embedded in the grave, were calm and sad at the same time, and that raised a billion questions about the identity of the woman and who she was to Ricardo, to start racing through Lisa's head.

She heaved a sigh in order to get Ricardo's attention.

Ricardo gave her a questioning look.

"I guess she was a nice person," she said, and fixed her eyes on his.

Ricardo's eyes twinkled for a microsecond, and Lisa would have missed it if her eyes hadn't been fixed on his. 

Ricardo took his eyes off hers and went back to looking at the name on the grave without saying a word.

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