Chapter 60

Two days later, Lisa sluggishly opened her eyes, scanning her surroundings to ascertain her whereabouts, and Summer's face began to take shape in her vision.

When she saw Summer, she immediately thought to herself, "I'm dreaming." Because the last time she and Summer had seen or talked to each other was the day she and Summer had clashed over Ricardo's true identity.

"Summer?" She spoke gently to the laughing figure in her vision.

"Yeah." Summer replied, heaving a relived sigh. "It's me, Lisa. How are you feeling? Let me go get the doctor."

She grabbed Summer's wrist before she could walk away and asked weakly. "What is going on? Where am I?"

"It's a long story but thank Heavens you're alive. Let me go and get the doctor."

"Doctor? Where am I?" She questioned again, looking around the room.

"In a hospital." Summer replied while attempting to walk away.

"Am I about to give birth?"

Summer's heart sank when she heard this, and she had t
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