Chapter 62

When Timothy arrived at the port, he quickly packed his truck, grabbed his small bag, and got out of the car, praying that he hadn't made a mistake.

After completing all boarding procedures, he began walking towards the ship, completely unaware that a man in black was keeping an eye on him.

With lightning speed, the man in black went closer to Timothy and pulled a small, sharp knife that looked like a pen, cutting through his stomach in a single motion.

Timothy Freeman felt a searing pain in his stomach, and he immediately put his hands on it, attempting to figure out what was wrong.

"Blood," he mumbled as he looked down at his hands, which were covered in his own blood.

His legs began to shake and his vision grew blurry as he looked around, attempting to figure out who had done this to him while wincing in pain.

Within seconds, he was on his knees, grasping his stomach, and he couldn't make out any more images.

No! In fear of dying, he thought. Tr
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