Chapter 63

Ricardo connected his chilly, melancholy, and curious eyes with Mr. Wu's as he entered his hotel room and said. "What exactly were you talking about?"

Getting to his feet, Mr. Adrian Wu headed toward the corner of his room where a board had been set up with many photographs pinned to it and numerous drawn arrows connecting one picture to the next.

He pointed to a picture of a man with an extremely flat jawline, beady eyes, and a straight mouthache and said, "Him."

Ricardo looked at the man with a look of complete incredulity on his face and said, "Go straight to the point, Adrian."

"This investigation is just as important to you as it is to me. I've been working nonstop on this case, depriving myself of sleep, food, and the pleasures of women. I've been working on this case for 10 years in the hopes of discovering what I've been missing, and just a few months ago, I began an even more thorough investigation into him."


Mr. Wu replied with a nod of
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