Chapter 65

"Can you tell me what's going on?" Lisa questioned, her brows raised in concern.

"Susan is at the hospital," he said as he turned to face her. "I'm sure the news came as a shock to her."

Lisa sighed, gently pushed herself out of bed, and said. "I'll go with you."


"Shhhh...I've got this." With a shrug of her shoulder, "I'm strong enough to even go back home. I'm not sure why they haven't discharged me yet."

She walked up to Summer and gave her a bear embrace. "Thank you for everything you've done. I love you."

Summer wrapped her in a bear hug, tears welling up in her eyes as she did. "I love you as well."

"You should go home right now; I'll come around when I'm strong enough."

Summer smiled cautiously and nodded.

"I'm here to see Susan Kincaid." To the nurse in charge, Ricardo said.

The nurse looked down at the computer in front of her, typed in a few letters, then looked up.

Ricardo and Lisa hurriedly board
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