I woke up bathed in warmth. Gio’s uninjured leg was thrown over mine, his arm was secured around my waist, and his head was in the crook of shoulder with my arm around him. I smiled and closed my eyes again so I could just let THIS happen.

After our argument last night, I had stayed in the bathroom until he had fallen asleep. I then walked out of the room and went out to the balcony that overlooked the city. Just standing there reminded me of who I was and what my responsibilities were. I couldn’t be with Gio and I couldn’t do things with him. I need to get back on track and that boy needed to be pushed out of my life.

Starting after he gets up. Right now I am too comfortable to care.

I felt his cool breath on my skin and I looked down to find his eyelids twitching like he was on the verge of getting up. I closed my eyes and calmed my breathing and waited for him to start

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