As I stepped into the bathroom, I got this sick feeling all the way to my toes. When my eyes landed on my ma underneath the water of her overflowing bathtub however, that’s when the real sickness started.

“Ma!” I screamed and ran through the water and yanked her up. She didn’t sputter and cough like I begged her to but instead made no sounds at all. She was dead! Oh fuck! She is dead!

Snap out of it! I yelled to myself. You have been trained for this! I felt around her neck and found a very slow heartbeat that made my heart start going again. Hope was something I never really had but now I grasped it like it was my favorite blankie during a storm.

If she hadn’t drowned, then what happened? I asked myself. I got that sick feeling again as my eyes searched everywhere until they fell upon a bottle of sleeping pills completely empty. A sob

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