I woke up to a constant beeping in my ears. I wanted to move and turn it off but I couldn’t seem to move any part of my body. It was like I was paralyzed and I had no idea as to why I was. Panic set in at this idea of being paralyzed. What if I could never move again! How was I supposed to have sex with Gio!?


The warehouse.

That’s when the real panic set in.

What if I had died in that warehouse. All I could remember was falling asleep while Gio held onto me, begging and pleading for me not to go but that was exactly what I did. I left him and now not only am I alone, but so is he. Oh god! My pops is alone now with my ma in the coma and Tommy dead. What did I get myself into!?

“Hey, baby. It’s been a month now and you still haven’t woken up. I’m starting to lose faith in you, you s

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Comments (3)
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Lorrain Wolfe
loved this book can't wait for part two
goodnovel comment avatar
Lashawn Bailey
when will there be a part 2?? UNpatiently waiting ...
goodnovel comment avatar
Sharon Suttle
I liked the story so much and so glad ad it wasn't like a couple of stories im reading that are also good but so long both I've been reading over a year and as soon as you think its coming to a close a new scenerio, so this was refreshing but look forward to part 2 and want to know its new title

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