Chapter 7


I scrolled through my phone when the house’s door slammed against the wall as someone opened it, startling me. I frowned in confusion putting my phone back inside my pocket.

“WHERE IS SHE?” I heard Vladimir’s voice making me frown in confusion.

“Vladimir, what the…?” Ivan started when Vladimir walked into the living room and grabbed me by my neck forcing me to stand. His grip tightening making my eyes widen as he cut off my airway.

“Vladimir! LET THE WOMAN GO!” Ivan yelled pulling his son away from me only for him to take his gun out of his waistband and point it at my abdomen. Luka pulled Ivan away from Vladimir, whispering something in his ear all while I tried removing the bastard’s hand from around my neck.

“What are you doing here?” Vladimir snarled.

My heart raced against my ribcage as I feared his expression. The anger he held though I wasn’t sure of what it was made me want to hide. I couldn’t even miss the blood which was on his white shirt. The sight alone was enough to frighten me let alone the situation that I was in, but then again, growing up where I have, I mustn’t say that this was an unusual sight for me to see.

“What?” Was all I could manage saying at this point, I wasn’t even sure what he was talking about. However, whatever it was, my question seemed to have angered him a whole lot more than he already was.

“What are you doing in my house, with my family? Who are you working for?” He asked again. This time it was my turn to frown. His bruising grip on my neck never loosened, however, he wasn’t blocking my airway.

“VLADIMIR! WHAT THE HELL?” Maria yelled. Her son’s eyes never left me as he waited for my answer, an answer which I didn’t have as I didn’t even understand what he was talking about.

“You are either going to answer, or so help me God, I will be sure to force that answer out of you” Vladimir threatened. His face was so close to mine that I could feel his breath against my face. The glare he gave wasn’t making this any easier, and him choking me was making this even harder for me to think of an answer.

“I am here as your wife, what the bloody hell are you talking about?” I asked trying to scratch his hand. The man loosened his grip around my neck before pushing me on the floor beside the couch making me fall on my hands and knees. He kneeled down beside me scaring me, and it was at that point when I felt like a small, dirty stray cat. But I wouldn’t show him any weakness as I glared back at him.

“I saw your brother a while ago, the man was spying on us, following us where we were going. Therefore, cut this good girl act of yours…” his eyes met mine for a second, and I frowned lowering my gaze to his chest as I tried thinking. He grabbed me by my chin forcing me to look at him, our eyes meeting making me want to shy back “and answer the fucking question before I use my own methods”

I took a deep breath before putting my hand on his gun and raising it until the gun’s muzzle was pointed at my chest. My eyes staying on Vladimir’s who frowned as I stood up and forced him to stand with me. My hand still holding the gun “push the bloody damn trigger”

Vladimir’s eyes hardened before he turned me around, holding me to his chest. My back facing his chest while he wrapped his arm around my neck and pointing the gun at my temple “do you really think it’s smart threatening me right now?”

His hot breath hit my neck as I fought hard not to show my worry or fear, though I was somewhat aware that he could feel my racing pulse against his arm. His family’s eyes were wide in both fear and confusion, but I wasn’t going to give the bastard the benefit of doubt to believing that I was scared of him.

“What is your brother doing here?”

“I don’t think Los Angeles is assigned under the Romanov name, but if it makes you feel any better, I do not know. As far as I knew, they were headed back to England after the wedding” I said calmly. Vladimir tightened his grip and tapped my temple with the gun, making me feel the cold metal against my skin.

“Don’t lie”

“Why would I?” I asked before hitting the man’s abdomen with my elbow. Taking the element of surprise to my side, I grabbed his gun from him and pointed it at him, not the smartest move as Luka, Dimitri, and Ivan pointed their guns at me in return “I did not know of my brother being here”

“You are lying”

“Why would I lie?”

“The same reason why you’re pointing a gun at me”

“I beg your bloody pardon?”

“Why are you here?”

“I believe that I am your wife” I said raising an eyebrow.



“Yes, you are too good for a woman who doesn’t want this marriage. You complied with your father without even objecting…”

“That is because it was either you, or Alberto…”

“Not an answer, he could have found you another man” Vladimir said stopping me. He took a step toward me, now standing in front of the gun “why did you agree on marrying me?”

“I didn’t agree, love, I was forced to. Why? Because you are a bloody bastard who seems to love getting in trouble with my family” I said glaring at him. His eyes met mine and he rolled them before putting his hand on the gun the way I did, however, I nodded at him, looking at the gun noticing him wrapping his fingers around it. I let it go and took a step back.

“I honestly don’t know what Ian is doing here, or why he was following you” I said looking the man in the eye “you can check my call records, check if I have anything hidden here or there. But I am not allowed to call any of my family members even if I did want to”

“Why not?” Vladimir asked frowning in confusion. He nodded at his family members who put to put their guns away and looked at me. I sighed and unlocked my phone, handing it to Luka to check while I crossed my arms over my chest keeping my eyes on Vladimir.

“Safety reasons, dad doesn’t trust me nor does he trust mum not to tell me about what updates could be going around the family. He would fear me going ahead to tell you what I know, and therefore, to cut that line completely, any woman who marries outside the family, would be pretty much cut off the tree”

“They were the ones that went on organizing this whole thing, why would they go through such a fuss?” Ivan asked from beside Vladimir. Luka handed me back my phone and shook his head to Vladimir at the fact that he found nothing.

“Long story short, dad wanted a few deals to be settled…” and he wanted to get rid of me, however, I couldn’t really say that out loud “and having a strong alley on his side would do the job”

“I believe there are other ways to have his businesses settled…”

“There are, but what better way to ensure the safety of your family than marry your greatest nemesis and competition?” I asked Vladimir.

Vladimir’s eyes avoided mine for a second before he frowned in confusion “then what would your brother be doing here? Especially following us around?”

“As I said, I don’t know, believe me, if I did; I would have told you. However, I am just as oblivious as all of you here” I said honestly “is there anything else that you would like to ask, or can I go up to my room?”

“Won’t you be joining us to dinner?” Lilian asked.

“I will be, love, but I figured give these men their privacy should they wish to speak”

I nodded at Vladimir who stepped aside for me to get past him before walking out of the room. My heart raced against my ribcage as I thought of the past events, a frown could be seen on my face as I thought of what Vladimir had said.

What was Ian doing here?

And more importantly, why was he following the men?

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