Chapter 10


“Need I ask where you two have been?” I asked Luka who walked inside followed by Eliana.

“Tvoya zhena decided to go and get something from the store, but she didn’t seem to find it” your wife, Luka answered nodding at Eliana who wouldn’t look at me. Her eyes glared daggers at Nina who raised an eyebrow at her. However, neither one of them bothered to approach the other as Eliana walked past us and up the stairs.

I nodded at Nina dismissing her and watched as she walked out the door before raising an eyebrow at Luka “what really happened?”

“Just forget about it, she just needed to understand who she was married to. I believe she got her lesson” Luka answered making me frown in confusion.

“And that means?”

“You’re not going to let it slide until you find out, are you?” Luka asked and I smirked. He shook his head at me and sighed.

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Carsandra Augustine
I like her spirit and courage standing up to him like that.
goodnovel comment avatar
shes right him and his family is f***** up
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Chelsea Cox
I mean her

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