Chapter 11


Vladimir’s fingers softly removed the glass shards from my foot before sanitizing the cut.

I couldn’t help but hiss and grip on the sink’s edge as I sat on the counter beside it.

Despite me fighting the man to leave, he wouldn’t. His arm wrapped around me as he lifted me bridal style and took me to the bathroom. I had slapped his chest a few times before giving up when I realized that he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

He opened the bathroom’s cabinet and took out a first aid kit, slowly bandaging the cut “let me know if I tighten it too much, we just need to stop the bleeding”

He wrapped bandage twice before I flinched when he squeezed it a little too tightly. He nodded and loosened it before he put the rest of it away. He sighed and washed his hands before taking my hand in his and cleaning the cut that has formed earlier when I broke the things down to begin with. I couldn’t help but

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Myrna Hucalla Johns
seems like Vladimir starts to care about his wife....Eliana is right. bringing another woman in the house is a big slap..on her face....
goodnovel comment avatar
hes frustrating I'm not sure what he's playing at and I dont get why she bothers to be polite he throws in the nice act to throw her off I dont like him or his family
goodnovel comment avatar
Is Vladimir really having change of heart this time? ...

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