Chapter 12


I watched as Eliana walked, well more like limped, down the stairs before I walked toward her wanting to help.

“You do realize that you could have called me to help” I stated raising an eyebrow.

“And you do realize that I am fine, it is just a small cut”

“Tell that to the amount of blood that has left your system last night”

“Thank you for the kind reminder” she said rolling her eyes making me smirk.

“You’re welcome, malyshka”

“And where are you two going?” Dad asked raising an eyebrow. Mom stood by his side as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder pulling her to him. She smiled at our sight though I could tell that she was trying to keep herself as calm as she could until she understood what we were up to.

“YA bero zhenu nenadolgo” I’m taking my wife out for a while.

My words seemed to light up mom’s

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