Chapter 14


I wrapped my arm around Eliana who was quiet as the two of us walked around the hotel before entering the lounge. She hasn’t said a word since we left the house to begin with, and I was beginning to worry about her doing something stupid at the invitation. Her eyes remained fixed on the door, and I had to fight back turning around and leaving.

“Eliana, we don’t want problems…”

“I don’t take my issues outside the house, Vladimir; not that there are any to begin with” she said making me frown “if you think that you bringing your mistress over phased me, do think again, love”

“Let’s just go inside”

We walked inside the lounge and Eliana smiled when we were greeted by Daniello, his blue eyes met my brown ones. He extended his hand and I smiled shaking his hand, he took Eliana’s hand and kissed her knuckle. My wife pulled her hand back and ran her finger over my chest as I tightened my arm around her.

“I must congratulate you for

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Melissa Wilson
Okay, what the hell is really wrong with the mom???

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