Chapter 15


“Eliana, have you heard from Vladimir?” Luka asked the second he saw me walking down the stairs. It was about nine thirty in the morning, therefore, seeing Luka and Aurora up was alarming. Especially since it was usually only Vladimir and I who would be awake at this time.

“If anyone has seen or heard of Vladimir; it would be you, Luka, why? What’s going on?” I asked the worried man who ran his fingers through his hair making me frown in confusion. Aurora who was sitting on the couch pinched the bridge of her nose.

“He went out last night, that’s what the security men said. But no one’s heard of him since, and whenever any of us calls him, it immediately goes to voice mail” Aurora explained.

“The man is an adult, he can go out if he wishes” I said trying to understand why they were worried “plus, you two do realize that everyone knows who he is, I would be surprised if anyone tried approaching him in fear that he had security hidden around him

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goodnovel comment avatar
Me too. Eliana is too forgiving but then she has to keep up appearances and get along so they don’t send her back. Poor thing. He j es what he was doing or they’d been in office, not bedroom.
goodnovel comment avatar
Melissa Wilson
I'm still mad at him.

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