Chapter 16


Eliana wouldn’t speak to me throughout most of the evening after our previous conversation. Though I couldn’t blame her, I screwed up doing what I did last night.

Though I could tell that she was somewhat relieved that I haven’t slept with another woman, I knew that she still had her doubts about me telling the truth in this situation. Plus, the fact that I kissed Nina, yeah, that didn’t make things any better in having her believe a word that I told her.

I took her hand in mine and intertwined our fingers making her raise an eyebrow, I simply winked as a response before walking out of the restaurant. I knew that it was most likely for her to remove her hand from mine, but I was thankful that she hasn’t until now.

“The two of us would be a little late, you two do whatever you want”

My announcement made Luka smirk before he nodded. I watched as he wrapped his arm around Aurora’s shoulder, pul

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I cant wait to see the beginning of something new for them
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Well, that’s a start .........

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