Chapter 17


I woke up to a hand running over my lower back.

Opening my eyes, my eyes widened when I found myself sleeping on top of Vladimir’s bare chest on the couch.

The TV played in the background and it seemed like we had fallen asleep while watching the movie. I raised myself to look at Vladimir who smiled and looped his finger through my curls “good morning”

“Morning” I said raising myself on top of his lap. Vladimir ran his finger over my bare leg, smirking as he watched my reaction in silence. The blush on my cheeks could be seen a mile away, and Vladimir was clearly enjoying it.

“What happened?”

“You dozed off in the middle of the movie, and I didn’t have it in me to wake you. Therefore, the two of us ended up sleeping on the couch” Vladimir said putting his hand under his head as he looked me in the eye. I rolled my eyes before getting up from on top of him, his eyes studying

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Hang in there, Eliana.

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