Chapter 18


“Everything is going according to plan, boss” Alexis said walking inside the office. He and Daniro went to check up on the documents of progresses when it came to the businesses that happened here at the hotel.

The galas and events that have happened here were all a success as far as I heard, and received in the monthly documented reports we got. My men and I had to make sure to check up on everything as to make sure that nothing has gone missing or out of plan. I needed to also ensure that everyone was doing his duty properly, otherwise, he or she would lose the job regardless of whatever it was. Mindy was just one of them.

Having annoyed Aurora more than necessary, I didn’t want a woman to be around if she didn’t respect my other costumers or was disturbing them in any possible way. That is something that I couldn’t agree upon, and would never accept. If the waitress couldn’t see that, then she was to learn the har

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