Chapter 74


“Well, well, well, if it isn’t our beloved snake” I said entering the basement where Ian was locked. Luka, Nikolay, Viktor, dad, Dimitri, Richard, Sebastian, and I were inside while the girls waited for whatever we were to tell them when we walked out. I knew that Audrey wanted to be here, but I was going to give it a while before I’ve allowed her to walk inside. There were still answers that I wanted to get.

“Ah, boss decided to arrive. What happened? Couldn’t find what you were looking for?” Ian smirked.

“If you’re referring to your boss, then I’ve found what I needed, for now. However, I was to make sure that you begged to die before I watched you bleed to death” I whispered to the man before dragging my knife along his jawbone. The man fought to stay quiet, but I could tell by his shivering that he was already frightened of whatever fate I decided to give him.

“Now, I&rs

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Why would he want to kill his own daughter? Eliana doesn’t even know he still exist? And why revenge for everyone?

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