Chapter 75


“We aren’t the ones who are practically kicked out of the house” I heard the maids mock inside the kitchen.

“One more word and I will be sure to rip your tongues off” Aurora snarled.

“Do try, you know, boss wants you out of the house…”

“What is the meaning of this mockery?” I asked walking inside the kitchen. The girls who were watching as Aurora cut the onions. Their hands which were crossed over their chests, and their heads which were held high lowered to their feet as they avoided my eyes. None of them opened their mouths to speak, and Aurora continued to chop the onions for tonight’s dinner.

“Rather than working, you’re choosing to mock a family member?” I asked angrily. I could hear Aurora stop chopping, though she made no attempt to turn to face me.

“We apologize, M’lady…”

“Pack your things, and thankful t

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