Chapter 77


I washed my face trying to wake myself from the trance that I was falling into. The pain that I was in, everything which was eating me alive. My husband who didn’t want to look at me, him holding me the way he did…

I shook my head at myself, snapping myself out of it. I walked toward the bed and laid on it, gripping the blanket tightly as to keep myself safe from the world. I didn’t know what I was expecting next, and Ian’s words kept playing in my head as I tried closing my eyes.

“Eliana…” Vladimir’s voice broke my heart, partly because of what he had heard, and because of what happened. I felt the bed dip beside me as he sat down beside me. He slowly removed the blanket from over my shoulder, revealing my face; however, I closed my eyes and turned around, giving him my back.

Vladimir sighed and ran his finger over my bruising arm, where he had gripped it “I’m sorry, malyshka”

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