“Boss, it’s for you” the secretary said walking toward her boss. The one man that everyone feared, the mysterious man known as the enemy of all mafia families “it’s your son”

He nodded at his secretary to leave the office, leaving him to talk to his son. The woman knew not to let her boss repeat himself twice. She knew the consequence of defying the man. He wasn’t a normal one anyway, a normal boss would fire his employee. This man would do it literally.

“Leonardo” he said answering his son. His eldest son, his and his love’s first born. The man’s blessing and curse. The one person he knew that he would be willing to die for, well, that was in the past anyway. He wasn’t so sure about that now.

“You sent me a message to call, Lorenzo” he said calmly. He didn’t like calling his father, the man knew that for fact. Having blamed him for not living with his mother, then hearing of her death after years of waiting to be reunited with her. The man wanted nothing mor

Crystal L

Hope you enjoyed reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it (if not more) Be sure to leave a review of your opinions, and follow the sequel. Her Mafia's Vengeance

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Awesome read. I just couldn't stop myself from completing it at one go but for work. Infact I used to keep awake to complete the chapters. Thanks for writing a wonderful book. ...️...️...️
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I absolutely loved this book!!! Tears laughter. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. As a matter of fact it kept me up till 3am reading.
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Wow wat an awesome read

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