Sequel (Her Mafia's Vengeance)

"Vladimir, I am not going to sit around while you..." Eliana snapped at her husband.

"You cannot expect me to sell you to the man, Eliana. That is out of question, so no!" Vladimir said glaring at his wife.

"We need to get inside, Vladimir. You and I both know that's the only way to do it"


It started out with a marriage.

A simple contract signed.

But when their love conquers even the mafia's darkest desire of revenge.

Things start taking a different path.

Both Eliana and Vladimir Romanov would be forced into a war like no other. It is one of power, strength, and money.

And remember, the Mafia's world only has one rule "there is no rule to follow when it comes to power"

Would they be able to do what it takes?

Will their love strive to survive through it all?

Or would both crumble under it?

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I'm so glad you enjoyed it...️...️
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The Mafia and His Angel is a crossover but is also important, official next sequel is Her Mafia's Vengeance
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what is the next book called!! I need to read it :) this one was amazing!
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