The Hunger

The next day, Charlotte is in the kitchen helping to prepare lunch when the delivery truck arrives, bringing their supplies from town. 

"Charlotte, can you get that please?", calls Sister Margaret, as she continues kneading dough. 

Wiping her hands on her apron, Charlotte goes to the kitchen door and stands there watching, Edward, the delivery boy, unloading the crates. Coming towards the door with a crate in his hands, Edward sees her, his face lighting up with a smile. 

"Hi Charlotte, how's it going?"

"Not too bad. Let me give you a hand with those", she replies, going to take the crate from him.

As Edward hands her the crate, their fingers brush against each other and a sudden jolt of electricity runs through her fingers and up her arms. Charlotte stumbles back away from him almost falling backwards but quickly regains her balance.  Edward reaches out to try and steady her but she flinches away from him, afraid of touching him again. 

"Are you ok? I was just trying to help", he asks, confusion on his face. 

"Yes....yes, I'm fine. I just slipped that's all", said Charlotte as she turns and heads back into the kitchen, placing the crate on the table. 

Edward comes to stand beside her, to put the crate he's carrying on the table and suddenly she smells his masculine scent all around her. His scent is intoxicating and she begins to feel like she's suffocating as her face becomes flushed and her body starts tingling all over. She moves away from him but she can't seem to stop the feelings building inside her, she quickly walks to the door.  Edward stands beside the table looking at her, his expression perplexed as  Charlotte rushes out of the kitchen. 

She can hear Edward and Sister Margaret calling after her but she doesn't stop instead running straight for the bathroom. Rushing inside, she goes straight to the mirror over the basin, staring at her reflection, her cheeks are red and her pupils are dilated and she's breathing heavily. She splashes cold water on her face as she feels the a strange throbbing between her legs, she rushes into one of the toilet stalls. She lifts her dress and slides down her panties, sitting down on the toilet. She feels warm moisture between her thighs and her body is trembling as the throbbing between her legs intensifies. She's aching with need but she doesn't know what it is she needs, this hunger that demands to be satisfied. She can feel heat spreading through her body and she's starting to sweat, her clothes feel impossibly heavy and restrictive. Every nerve in her body is tingling with sensation causing even the slightest touch even just the fabric of her dress to send ripples of pleasure pulsating through her body. Running her hand over her thighs, she reaches between her legs and touches the wetness, her fingers brushing against the outer folds of her sex. A loud moan escapes her lips and she quickly covers her mouth with her other hand while she slides her fingers over the wetness leaking from inside her. She's shaking uncontrollably and she can feel an aching inside of her as she slips her fingers between her outer lips.

Just then the bathroom door opens and the sound of footsteps echo on the tiles coming to stop in front the stall she's in. Charlotte freezes before snatching her hand away from between her legs, her heart beating so loud that she was sure it could be heard in the small confined space. 

"Charlotte!, are you ok? Sister Margaret said that you left the kitchen in a hurry and asked me to check on you", Lucille's voice rang out inside the small bathroom. 

"I....I'm ok, it's just a headache. I'll be fine in a few minutes", Charlotte answers with a slight tremor in her voice. 

"Are you sure you're going to be ok? I'll be right here if you need me"

Charlotte groans inwardly in frustration, knowing she can't stay in there forever, she grabs some tissue and gingerly wipes between her legs. When she eventually emerges from the stall, she finds Lucille leaning against the far wall, facing her. 

"You're not ok Charlotte, what's going on? You can tell me, you don't have to be afraid", Lucille says as she comes towards her. 

Washing her hands, Charlotte sighs and shakes her head, debating with herself whether to confide in her friend or not. Lucille comes to stand beside her and patting her back, she speaks to Charlotte in a soft voice, "You can trust me with anything, I won't judge you"

Charlotte nods imperceptibly, thinking that she needs to tell someone, she can't keep these feelings to herself when she doesn't even know what's happening to her. Maybe Lucille will know what's wrong and she can help her or at least she'll know someone who can. 

"Ok but not now......I just.....need to be alone for a while", Charlotte's voice is barely audible in the small bathroom. 

"Why don't you come by my room later this evening and we can talk about it?"

"Ok sure", Charlotte nods. 

Returning to the kitchen, Sister Margaret tells Charlotte to go back to her room and rest  for the rest of the afternoon. Charlotte goes to her room and going inside, she lies down on her bed and immediately falls asleep. 

When Charlotte wakes up, it's dark outside, pale moonlight streaming through the window. Getting off the bed, Charlotte feels hunger coursing through her, like she hasn't eaten since yesterday and quickly heads to the kitchen. 

By the time she reaches the kitchen, her stomach is cramping and she's dizzy with hunger. She quickly checks the fridge and finds some leftover fried chicken and potato salad, which she devours while standing in front of the fridge. Still hungry, she continues rummaging through the fridge until she finds some cake. She eats most of the cake, washing it down with some milk, which she chugs straight out of the bottle. Her stomach has stopped growling and the dizziness has gone but she still feels like she wants something more. She looks around the kitchen, searching for something to eat, tremors running through her body. Spotting a tray of freshly baked buns, she grabs one before ducking out of the kitchen. 

Walking through the convent gardens while munching on the bun, she makes her way to Lucille's room. She can feel something stirring deep within her, like an intense craving that food can't satisfy. A feeling of restlessness and frustration is building up inside her as she struggles to find a way to satisfy the craving she feels. 

Reaching Lucille's room, she knocks on the door and calls out, "Lucille, it's me Charlotte"

Lucille opens the door with a bright smile on her face, "Come in Charlotte, I'm glad you came"

Charlotte enters the room and goes to sit down on the only chair but Lucille waves her to the bed and sits on the chair.

"So tell me what's been bothering you?", Lucille asks, her eyes warm with concern. 

'I've been having......strange dreams", Charlotte begins in a hesitant voice, "Every night I dream the same dream....but more intense, more vivid each night"

"And what do you see in these dreams?"

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