The Hunter

Charlotte brought Lucille to orgasm five times that night and into the early hours of the morning, she was insatiable. She used both her fingers and mouth while the final time she straddled one of Lucille's legs between her thighs and rubbing her moist and swollen clit against hers, brought them both to an earth-shattering climax. Each time she sucked the red mist from between her thighs and each time Lucille became weaker, as though her very life force was being sucked from her body. But Charlotte was rejuvenated and filled with a raw power that roared through her veins, heightening her senses and sating the hunger. 

Early that morning, just before the sun began to ascend the horizon, Charlotte dressed and quietly left the nun's room unaware of the figure hidden in the shadows in the corridor outside. She hurried down the halls, until she reached her room, opening the door she went inside and collapsed onto her bed before falling into a deep and dreamless sleep. 

Some time later, Charlotte was rudely awoken when hands roughly shook her awake and dragged her from her bed. Before she could comprehend what was happening, she was being dragged out the door and into the corridor. She could see the Mother Superior standing behind her, watching her with cold, accusing eyes while the other nuns pushed and pulled her along the halls. 

"Wait! Wait! Please! What's happening? Why are you doing this?", Charlotte screamed in panic but no one answered. 

She continued to scream until they reached some stairs and pushed her to walk down into the darkness below. Fear had started to creep into her heart as they descended further under the convent, the only light coming from torches placed at intervals along the walls. The rocky walls and ceiling echoed the sounds of their footsteps as they reached the bottom of the stairs and began walking down a tunnel with cells on either side. The floor was uneven with small rocky outcroppings that caused her to trip and fall, only to be shoved back on her feet. 

Reaching a cell at the end of the tunnel, the Mother Superior unlocked the door using a set of keys hanging around her waist before Charlotte was roughly shoved inside. She had fallen forward onto the ground and she quickly sat up and turned around hearing the sound of the lock. The Mother Superior glared at her from between the prison bars, her face twisted in hate and disgust. 

"Why are you doing this? What have I done? Please tell me. Where is Lucille?", Charlotte pleaded, tears pricking her eyes. 

At the mention of Lucille's name, the Mother Superior stepped closer to the bars and hissed at her, "Don't speak her name ever again! She has confessed how you used your wicked wiles to tempt and seduce her and she will do penance for her weakness and sins of the flesh"

"No! What have you done to her? Please just let me speak to her?", Charlotte cried, the tears spilling from her eyes. 

"Speak?!", the old woman spat at her, "She has taken the vow of silence and will remain cloistered until the day she dies"

Charlotte stared in shock at the Mother Superior, tears streaming down her face, unable to speak. 

"Her last words were her confession of her despicable fornication with you and how you had used your womanly charms to bend her to your evil will", the old nun sneered. 

Charlotte shook her head, too tired and bruised to deny it, it was pointless when Lucille had already confessed, laying all the blame on her. She couldn't believe that Lucille would do this, she told her to trust her only to break her trust shortly after. She was tired and hurt, not just physically but inside, her heart was bruised and now she was stuck in this prison all alone. 

"How long will you keep me here?", Charlotte asked softly. 

The Mother Superior, watched her from outside the bars, her eyes glinting with malice, "Ender will be here soon to deal with you"

"Who's Ender?"

"You'll see soon enough, Succubus, spawn of the devil", she sniggered before abruptly turning and walking back down the tunnel. 

Charlotte crawled towards the wall opposite the door and sat back leaning against its rocky surface, her shoulders slumped in defeat. Her hands and knees hurt from where she had fallen and she was exhausted and filthy. Pulling her knees up, she wrapped her arms around her legs and laying her head on her knees, she wept. Loud sobs racked her body as tears fell unhindered down her face. Finally spent and exhausted, she lay down on the hard, rocky ground and slept. 

As night fell outside, in the quiet of the cell, Charlotte's eyelids fluttered and she moaned softly in her sleep. She moved her head and grasped the sides of her dress, her body writhing against the stony floor. Her breathing quickened, becoming louder in the silence of the cell as it echoed off the underground walls. She groaned loudly as her feet scraped against the ground, the movement causing her dress to lift up above her knees. Still asleep, she slid her hand down between her legs, pressing and rubbing as her moans grew louder in the deserted tunnel. Her other hand fluttered across her breasts, pulling at her nipples beneath her dress. Just as her movements became more frantic, a noise inside the cell startled her and her eyes instantly snapped open. 

In the dim lighting from the torches in the tunnel, Charlotte could just make out a tall figure, standing in the shadows inside the cell. She gasped in fright and jumped to her feet, backing up against the wall, her chest heaving as adrenaline coursed through her veins. 

"Who are you?", she blurted. 

"Ender", he replied as he stepped from the shadows. He was tall and muscular but in a lean sort of way, his eyes were so vividly blue they were almost turquoise and his hair, the color of silver hung low on his forehead, almost covering his eyes. 

"Ender? What do you want with me?", she asked, glaring at him. 

"I don't", his voice was low and measured. 

"Then why are you here?"

"I'm here for the execution"

"What execution?"

"Yours", his voice is calm, devoid of emotion. 

Charlotte stares at him, shock clearly visible on her face as her breath catches in her throat. Her life has been turned upside down in the last twenty four hours and now she's going to be executed. She slumps down to the ground, the strength leaving her body and buries her face in her hands. She feels the tears hovering behind her eyes but blinks, pushing them back.

"When?", she asks in a small voice. 

"As soon as we get to the camp", Ender replies, his face impassive. 

"Why am I being executed?"

A frown creases his brow, "You don't know?"

"Well I fornicated with a nun, is that why?", she says, her eyes flicking towards him. 

"She said that you seduced her", Ender studies her face. 

"She wanted it as much as I did", she laughs harshly, "She begged for me to touch her"

"You fed off her sexual energy and life force, you almost killed her", Ender stated flatly. 

Charlotte stared at him in shock, she had been drinking the red mist every time Lucille orgasmed but she didn't know it was hurting her. It had tasted so sweet and succulent that she couldn't help herself and it had sated the aching hunger inside her. She was distraught now she knew that she had hurt Lucille even though she never meant to. 

"You're a succubus Charlotte, you feed off sexual energy every time you bring someone to orgasm but you also drain a little of their life force each time", Ender explained. 

She knows about the succubi, she had been taught about demons and their existence during her studies at the convent. Everything started to make sense now, the dreams, the insatiable hunger and lust. Was this why her parents had abandoned her? Because they knew what she was? What she would become? Charlotte was lost and confused, the only thing she was certain of, was that she needed to get out of here and fast. 

Ender watched her as the different emotions flickered across her face and he felt a little sorry for her. He could tell straightaway that she was a novice, not yet fully aware of her supernatural powers. She didn't even seem to know the strong sexual aura that she was exuding while sitting there on the filthy ground, covered in bruises and dirt. He had arrived early and wanted to confirm for himself that she was indeed a succubus and found her on the floor of the cell in a state of arousal. 

Watching her, he had felt a stirring inside him so he had kicked a rock across the floor, waking her to prevent her from going any further. She was too tempting , with her raven hair, emerald green eyes and  buxom figure. Looking at his watch, he let out a deep breath and moved towards the cell door,  while removing the key from his pocket. It was almost time. 

"Ender", Charlotte called in a low voice. 

Charlotte waited for him to turn around before she moved towards him, as she stared into his eyes, forcing him to feel her desire. She saw a look of surprise on his face that disappeared as soon as he saw the lust in her eyes. 

"There's still time and I'm so very hungry, won't you at least give me one last meal before you kill me?", she whispered as she closed the distance between them.  

She leaned against him, her hands running across his chest and going around his neck as she pulled his head toward her and kissed him. 

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