The Journey

 She kissed Ender deeply and passionately, exploring his mouth with her tongue as she pushed her hands under his coat and stroked his chest through his shirt. She could feel his hard muscles through his shirt and she leaned closer, pressing her breasts against him as a strong current surged through her body and transferred to him. Reaching down to his trousers, she stroked his cock through the fabric, groaning as she felt its size. 

As soon as she woke, she had smelt his masculine scent and her body had responded, her arousal so strong she could barely stand being in the confined cell with him. His scent was different from Edward's, richer and more masculine, reeking of raw, savage lust. The more she talked to him, the more her body craved him, the moisture leaking from between her thighs. 

Grabbing her wrists, Ender pushed her away from him, sending her stumbling back against the bars of the cell as he wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve. His eyes, which had turned a dark blue, flickered with something like annoyance before he stepped back towards the door. 

"Fix yourself, we're leaving. Now", his voice curt, as he unlocked the door and stepped outside. He strode down the tunnel without waiting for her to follow. Quickly she stepped outside the cell and followed him, staring at his back as he walked ahead. She was drawn to him even though he had rejected her and she knew that she wouldn't be satisfied until she had him inside her. 

They had reached the front door and Ender turned back to her, his eyes burning into hers, as he spoke, "Do not try to run. I will hunt you down and I will kill you. It's not a threat. Do you understand?"

She nodded and swallowed when he spoke again, "Say it Charlotte"

"Yes, I understand", she said softly. 

Pulling open the door, he walked outside to a black car with dark tinted windows parked in front of the convent steps. He opened the door and waited for her to get in, shutting the door before going around to the driver's side and getting in. The sun was just peeking over the horizon when they pulled out of the convent gates.

Charlotte watched the passing scenery while Ender drove, the motion of the car soothing and she eventually fell asleep.  She woke with a start, disoriented until she remembered where she was and relaxed in her seat. It was already night and they were driving through the city, she stared out the window, her eyes wide as she looked at all the buildings and people on the streets. 

"You've never been to the city", Ender stated. 

"No", she breathed against the window. 

Ender said nothing and they drove on in silence, neither of them caring to make conversation. After a while, the buildings and crowd thinned as they left the city, traveling on long, winding roads with less traffic and more trees. They were climbing up into the mountains and the trees and vegetation were becoming thicker with only one or two cars on the road. 

It must have been late when Ender turned off onto a dirt road that was smooth and well maintained, they drove for what seemed like an hour, stopping before high, chain link gates with razor wire across the top. The fence on both sides stretched away into the forest, disappearing into the darkness. Guards appeared at the gate and opened it, letting them pass through. They continued driving through dense forest before they entered a clearing with buildings scattered around in a wide circle. In the center was a huge mansion made of gray bricks with white stone steps leading up to large, white front doors with narrow glass windows on either side. 

Ender stopped the car in front of the mansion and switched off the engine before getting out to come to her side and opening the door. Charlotte climbed out of the car and followed Ender to the front door which suddenly opened, as a man dressed in a suit held the door open for them. 

The foyer was huge with a white marble floor and a huge crystal chandelier hanging from the high ceiling. The walls were white and adorned with paintings of various landscapes while bronze and black sculptures of varying sizes stood on the floor or small decorative tables throughout the room. In the middle of the foyer was a grand staircase that branched out at the top into two wings on opposite sides of the mansion. On the ground floor, two corridors led out of the foyer on opposite sides of the room. 

"You have returned Master Ender", the man in the suit greeted him, "Master Samael awaits you in the drawing room"

Ender nodded and began walking down a corridor on the left and Charlotte quietly followed. They passed a few doors before stopping at one in particular and he entered the room without knocking. 

The room was spacious and decorated in a pale mint green, with a fireplace and a sofa and chairs arranged around it. In front  of the fireplace, stood a tall man with dark hair and the same blue eyes as Ender. He was ruggedly handsome with a square jaw and angular nose and cheekbones. He turned towards them as they entered the room, and as he caught sight of Charlotte, his eyes glittered dangerously as his lips curved up into a mirthless smile. 

"My my you are more beautiful than I had imagined. Even if you were not a succubus, you would still be a bewitching temptation", he drawled in a deep and seductive voice. 

Charlotte felt like a piece of meat on display with the way his eyes undressed her, appraising every inch of her body so thoroughly that she felt like she was being violated with his eyes. She moved to stand behind Ender to escape those predatory eyes but then she heard her name. 

"Sweet Charlotte, come here to me. Don't be shy", the man cajoled but Charlotte could hear the threat behind his words. 

She looked up questioningly at Ender, who nodded for her to do as the man asked. 

Swallowing hard, she walked toward the fireplace, her hands clenched tightly by her sides. Stopping in front of him, she kept her eyes on the floor as her body went rigid with fear. She felt his cool hand touch her chin as he lifted her face up to his, his eyes boring into hers with a fierce intensity. This close up, Charlotte could already smell his scent, it was strong and musky, like a predator in the wild. She could sense that he found pleasure in pain and that he wanted to hurt her but instead of fear, she felt excitement.

Samael leaned close to her, sniffing her neck just below her ear and moving down to her chest when Ender spoke from across the room. 


Samael held up one hand signaling Ender to stop speaking before sniffing her chest again but this time, inhaling deeply. 

"You're aroused", he said and moving faster than her eyes could see, he had lifted her dress and pushed his hand inside her panties, sliding one finger deep inside her as Charlotte gasped in shock. He moved his finger around inside her, feeling for something before he nodded and slowly, teasing her, he slid his finger out. 

As Charlotte watched, he put his finger in his mouth and sucked her moisture, his eyes never leaving hers. He was seducing her and it was working, she could already feel the hunger stirring inside. His eyes still on her, he spoke to Ender, who had remained standing in front of the door.

"You haven't fucked her yet"

Ender didn't reply, his eyes dark and an unreadable expression on his face. Not receiving a reply, Samael continued talking, "I would be happy to oblige, dear brother, if you are not willing"

"That won't be necessary", Ender replied, his voice low and threatening. 

Samael chuckled, a dark, menacing sound that sent shivers down Charlotte's spine. 

"It's late Samael, she hasn't eaten since yesterday and she's filthy", Ender sighed wearily and motioned with his head for Charlotte to follow him. 

She didn't need to be told twice, Charlotte hurried across the room and followed Ender to the door when Samael called, "Good night sweet Charlotte, I look forward to our next meeting"

Charlotte didn't turn around or reply instead she rushed out the door, following close behind Ender as he walked down the corridor. 

Leading her up the grand staircase, Ender took her to a room in the west wing and left  her alone to bathe and change her clothes. He had food sent up to her room before he retired to his own room in the west wing. 

Charlotte had fallen asleep right after eating, snug beneath the covers when the door to her room opened and someone walked in. Moving towards the bed, the figure stood there, staring down at the sleeping form curled up on the bed as minutes passed. Then turning away, silently left the room, closing the door behind him. 

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