The Ring

Charlotte looks down at the ring on her finger and then back up at Ender, her eyes wide with confusion. 

"What is it?", Ender asks, his eyes studying her. 

"'s......gone", she answers. 

"What's gone?"

"The hunger", she whispers, "I can't feel it anymore"

"So you don't wanna fuck me anymore?", he grins at her.

Charlotte shoots him an irritated glare, looking back at the ring before she slides it off her finger and immediately the hunger returns, more intense than before. She gasps and doubles over, her hands on her stomach as Ender grabs her shoulders to stop her falling to the floor and picking her up in his arms, he carries her across the room and lays her down on his bed. Sitting beside her on the bed, Ender picks up her hand and slides the ring back on before looking at her. 

"There are easier ways to get in my bed, you know", he smirks.

Charlotte blushes and turns her face away, hoping that h

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