The Feast

Ender picks up each of Charlotte's legs and places them on each side of the bath tub, spreading her thighs under water as he slips another finger inside her. His other hand continues to massage her breasts and tease her nipples while he moves his hand under water to stroke her swollen clit. The sounds from her mouth are getting louder and she grinds her clit against his finger as she feels her orgasm building. Ender rubs her clit faster adding a bit more pressure as he feels her hips lift up from the tub and her body rock against him as she cums.

Breathing heavily, her face covered in sweat, Charlotte leans against him and closes her eyes as he gently lowers her legs into the tub. He puts his arms around her, holding her against him until he hears her heart beating normally again. 

Some time later, Charlotte is lying in Ender's bed, wearing a silk robe that he put on her, a small smile plays on her lips as she remembers how gentle he was with her. She can't help t

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