The Morning After

Ender is woken from sleep by something warm and soft against his thighs, slowly opening his eyes, he looks down to see Charlotte between his legs. She smiles provocatively at him as she straddles him and rubs her vulva against his cock which quickly becomes erect. He can feel her juices coating his erection as she rocks herself to and fro, stroking her inner lips and clit against his cock. Holding her hips, Ender pushes her down his shaft and lifts her up before placing his cock at her entrance and pulling her onto him as he thrusts up into her. 

Charlotte cries out, the intense pleasure of his cock plunging deep inside her and completely filling her up hastening her orgasm. Placing her hands on his chest, she rocks her hips against him as she rubs her clit against the base of his cock while he teases her nipples. As Ender continues thrusting deep inside her, Charlotte throws her head back, closing her eyes as she bucks and shudders with the intensity of her orgasm while

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