The Vow of Silence

"Perhaps I  can return this evening during the time of recreation and speak with Sister Agnes ", Ender replied evenly. 

Sister Ann pursed her lips, "I will relay your request but I can't guarantee that she will agree to it"

Ender studied the nun thoughtfully before he spoke, "I will see you this evening then. I'll  see myself out"

Rising from his chair, Ender left the room and Sister Ann leaned back in her chair, her hands steepled under her chin and her eyes closed in thought. As Ender strode down the hall, the door to the nun's office opened and the Mother Superior stepped inside, closing the door behind her with a soft click. 

The sun was now high in the sky as Ender walked, seemingly aimlessly, through the town's streets, stopping every now and then to look through the windows of random shops. More than an hour had passed before he made his way to the town's only hospital and pausing briefly just outside the entrance, his head cock

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