The Seduction

The next morning after breakfast, Charlotte decides to go and see Samael in his study but finds it empty. As she's heading back to the front hall, she meets, Harris, the butler, "Do you know where Samael is?"

"Master Samael has gone out for the day", the elderly man replied, "He will return this evening"

"Right....OK......thank you",  she turned to walk up the staircase. 

"I will inform Master Samael that you wish to see him upon his return", his face unreadable. 

"Thank you", she answered and nodded.

Later that evening, as Charlotte was having dinner, Samael entered the dining room much the same as the previous night, immaculately dressed and glass in hand. His jet black hair was wet and glistened under the lights while his eyes shone a vibrant hue of blue. He sat next to her at one end of the table, letting his eyes roam freely over her. Charlotte kept her eyes lowered and tried to concentrate on her food while every fiber of her b

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