The Taming of Charlotte

Samael had carried Charlotte out of the dining room and upstairs to his room where she now lay naked on his bed, her body bathed in perspiration and her silken, black hair spread out across his pillows. The vampire was lying naked between her legs, his head buried between her thighs as he licked and sucked her dripping wet sex until she came in his mouth while calling out his name. In time, Charlotte returned the favor, sucking his large cock while he fucked her mouth, almost gagging her before he shot his hot cum in her throat which she hungrily swallowed, feeding shamelessly off his orgasm. 

Where Ender had been gentle and considerate, allowing her to set the pace and take control when she wanted, Samael was rough and exerted a primal dominance over her, forcing her into submission. Both brothers were well endowed with thick, long cocks that they knew well how to use to evoke the most overwhelming feelings of pleasure but she had been right about Samael the first time

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